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About the Company:
INSEL Limited Liability Company

The benefits OUR clients get:

- a huge amount of work experience – more than 20 years in the translation industry;

- calculation of cost of a translation page by characters WITHOUT SPACE CHARACTERS COUNTED: one page contains 1,800 characters. Other translation companies calculate cost of a translation page with space characters included, it means you have to pay for EMPTY SPACE!

- minimum cost of translation is 1,900 KZT INCLUDING VAT for 1,800 characters – no space characters included. Other companies offer minimum cost of translation in the amount of 1,700 KZT EXCLUDING VAT for 1,800 characters with space characters. It means that you will actually pay a higher cost to the other company for the same text than you would pay to our company regardless of seemingly lower price. For example, for the translation of the same text containing 23,713 characters with no space characters counted and 27,128 characters with space characters counted you will pay 25,080 KZT including VAT, to our company and 25,670 KZT excluding VAT to the other company.

- prices we state include all related expenses. Prices advertised by other companies are not final – this is the way they attract clients, but clients are not aware that they will have to pay a higher price (in equivalent of one translation page).

- our company offers notarization of the translation (one copy of the translated document) free of charge. Other companies will charge you from 2,000 to 3,000 KZT for this service.

The Company Director and Founder:
Alfiya Ishmukhamedovna Khairzhanova

Originally, INSEL was officially registered as a closed joint-stock company in January 1994. Thereafter, in connection with the change of its corporate form, on June 23, 1998 the company was reregistered as INSEL LLP with the Justice Department for Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan /the State Registration Certificate No. 20035-1910-TOO issued on 23.06.1998.

Legal Services
INSEL is a member of the American Translators Association (ATA) and the following its Divisions:
German Language Division (GLD), Medical Division (MD), TSD Member, Translation Company Division (TCD), French Language Division (FLD), Slavic Languages Division (SLD), Japanese Language Division (JLD), Chinese Language Division (CLD).