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About the Company

INSEL Limited Liability Company


The Company Director and Founder:

Alfiya Ishmukhamedovna Khairzhanova

Originally, INSEL was officially registered as a closed joint-stock company in January 1994. Thereafter, in connection with the change of its corporate form, on June 23, 1998 the company was reregistered as INSEL LLP with the Justice Department for Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan /the State Registration Certificate No. 20035-1910-TOO issued on 23.06.1998.

Our Company is one of the first firms of translators in the market of translation/ interpreting services of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Today INSEL is the leader in its area of business. The criterion of our success is a high opinion of our work by the most discerning consumers, as well as complimentary remarks and positive feedback from our clients and customers not only in the Republic of Kazakhstan, but also from abroad, far outside our country. As professionals and experts in our field, we make every effort to provide our clients and customers with competent and high-quality translations within the shortest possible time.

The principal purpose of our company is to offer and provide a full range of legal and translation/ interpreting services to legal entities and individuals both within and outside the Republic of Kazakhstan. We provide our services of legal and linguistic support in compliance with the world standards and practices. Continuous improvement of quality of the services provided and ensuring their availability to a wide range of customers are based on the well-organized work, permanent professional education and training of the company’s personnel and modernization of the company’s technical facilities.

Our Company has the team of highly qualified professionals. Currently, the Company’s permanent staff consists of 50 translators and 3 lawyers. The Company employs a graduate of the Cambridge University, who is a native speaker of English, as editor. All the translators, editors and proofreaders are narrowly focused specialists in their fields, having a professional education and a great experience in translation work.

In addition, two notaries work for the Company on a permanent basis. Also, we successfully cooperate with other public notaries of Almaty, offering them a lot of documents for notarization. We not only certify our translations with our seal or notarially, but also at clients’ request we endorse documents, both originals and translations thereof, with an Apostille either in Almaty or Astana, subject to the procedure of apostilization, and legalize documents with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Our services can be provided globally to any place of the world. We have well-equipped technical facilities and, if necessary, we can provide support to our customers and clients through any modern communication means and techniques.