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About the Company

Privacy Policy

Confidentiality Provisions

Our Company closely cooperates with many state institutions, international organizations, state holding companies, governmental and non-governmental organizations, which orders often relate to or contain the information of confidential nature.

INSEL will ensure strict confidentiality of your information both at the stage of preliminary negotiations and in the course of its professional activities.

The Privacy Policy pursued by the Company will apply to all the data and information, beginning from those contained in original documents and their translations, and ending with personal data of clients and customers. The end product (translated document) is the property of a customer, which in its turn is protected by law.

INSEL will ensure adequate integrity, security and safety of your information and will not disclose such your information nor will use it for any purposes other than for performance of tasks and exercise of powers as assigned and entrusted by the company.

INSEL may disclose the above information only if so required by law.

INSEL shall not sell nor disclose your data or information to any third party for the purpose of use thereof by such a third party pursuing their own objectives.

INSEL shall not disclose any information received from you to any other parties, except when it is required for execution of your order, for issue of our invoice or for prevention from any fraud.

Protection and Security of your Information

INSEL will use all possible techniques and methods of security and protection of your information.

Your Rights

After completion of translation works and receiving a finished translation, you may delete your original documents or leave a copy thereof in the database of the Company to provide the possibility of introduction into them of any further changes or amendments. All the information used in the process of translation, except for terminological glossaries created by translators jointly and in cooperation with customers, will be returned to the customers. With the consent of the customers, the above glossaries can be left in the Company’s database that is used in the course of implementation of projects for such customers.

If you are anxious about the use of your data and information, please let us know and we will take all the necessary measures to ensure confidentiality thereof.